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Womens Gym Clothes


Look good on the outside & it'll make you feel good on the inside.

Today’s world encourages comfort wearing more than anything else, and fashion is no longer bound by overdressing. The universe was designed to constantly be in motion. Nothing is meant to stop or wait, whether it is our planet, the people, or the passage of time.

You will be exhausted, tired, sore, and fantastic after a hard workout, and you will be soaked in sweat. Whether you believe it or not, the clothes you wear for a workout can affect how you feel after this. The fabric of your workout clothes, as well as whether or not they are appropriate for the type of exercise you will be doing, can affect how comfortable they are.

Many sports injuries are the result of a lack of appropriate equipment, such as clothing. Whatever activity you are participating in, you should dress appropriately for it, looking for clothing that will protect you from impact, strain, and overheating.


Tahira by KB was created by fashion and lifestyle influencer Kali Burns.

“Look Fierce. Feel Fierce.”

Our specialty is a name, brand, and concept that appeals to women. Kali's vision is to "bring the heat" to your workouts and lifestyle, whether it's through women’s leggings, crop tops, sports bras, jackets, gym shorts, jumpsuits, or crop tops. It doesn't matter if you run, walk, train, or participate in sports. In the industry, we offer the best fit, quality, and customer service.

Our ability to listen as a company, to our customer's needs and requirements, we strive to develop collections based on what you need. Both mentally and physically.

Workout Clothes: Get the Right Fit:

Consider the following suggestions to ensure that your workout cloths fit your body and the workout you have planned:

  • You should dress in loose, comfortable clothing. Wearing wide-leggings or loose pants while running or biking, on the other hand, can get tangled in the pedals or your feet.
  • For activities like yoga or Pilates, stretchy, fitted fabrics that wick away sweat are ideal.
  • Keep in mind that any clothing that gets in the way of the activity should be avoided.

Our gym clothing is customized tohighlight your curves and compliment your body while forming your daily workouts.

Tahira women's sportswear and gym clothes will help you stay in shape or add a little comfort to your daily routine. Feel fit and flexible in our on-trend activewear; you'll never want to take it off, from the high street to the park to the sofa.

At the intersections of engineering and art, our products exist. We must be fearlessly progressive and consistently future-conscious to remain at the forefront of both. We are not prepared for the future. We are the generation of the future.

Be true to our vision while also being respectful of others in everything we do. We are here to start making ideas a reality. There are no ideas that are too big or too small.

“Stay with us for style.”