Spruce Up Your Gym Routine With Some Fit Wear

Spruce Up Your Gym Routine With Some Fit Wear

Let’s face it: working out more is on all of our New Year’s resolutions lists. Whether it’s promising to sign up for Spin class with a friend, joining a local gym or just getting a quick jog in whenever you can, fitness #Goals are it this year. Especially as lockdown restrictions ease up and gyms start to re-open. 

And with that comes a need for new workout gear to really get started. Luckily, there are tons of new essentials on the women apparel scene that’ll help you feel more confident and motivated while you work out.

Getting fit and staying healthy have more to do with one’s mindset than anything else: they’re a matter of perspective and staying motivated. What’s not talked about nearly often enough is that the mind is uniquely unsuited to following instructions; it rarely does what you want it too and often seems to do the complete opposite out of plain spite.

Staying Motivated? Easier Said Than Done

The best example of a motivational technique that looks good on paper and does nothing in practice is good old fashioned bribery. As the science will testify, “extrinsic motivation” backfires: it just makes exercise more unpleasant. The more you reward people, the more burdensome whatever they’ve got to do to get that reward is going to seem.

Bribe children to read and they’ll never, ever do it. Force yourself to go the gym with the promise of a cupcake afterwards and sooner or later you’re going to start thinking that’s a whole lot of work for one, measly cupcake. Manipulating your brain requires a touch bit more delicacy than that. 

The problem has more to do with the fact that for many of us exercise is more of an obligation or a burden than it is habit or routine. That’s why talking yourself out of it is so easy. The hard part about getting fit is starting: once you’ve settled into a groove and worked up a rhythm, it’ll become a part of your routine and you’ll start to do it without thinking. Surprise, surprise, people who exercise regularly don’t meander around weighing the pros and cons of a workout: they just get on it.

TAHIRA By KB Womens workout leggings

Look Good, Feel Good, Train Better

You’re probably not putting the same amount of thought into dressing for the gym as you might for say a job interview, a night at the club or even a trip to the grocery store. 

And why should you have to think about gym wear? Who cares if your workout leggings have seen better days? You're going to work out too, well, you know, actually work out, not get gawked it. You’re there to sweat like an athlete and heft weights over your head until your legs give out from underneath you. 

But what’s stopping you from flexing those muscles and the super cute workout leggings you’ve been eyeing on Tahira by KB all week? 

A cute, well-stocked bag can vastly improve your chances of actually hitting the gym (and have fun doing it). Shimmery leggings paired with a stylish, yet uber-functional sports-bra look chic. Stylish gear will motivate you to get moving and stay moving. We recommend always keeping a bright, pretty duffel ready-to-go at a moment’s notice.

  1. Not All Gym Wear Is Created Equal 

Let’s start with the most important in every gym-bag: gym leggings. Everyone needs a solid, ever-reliable pair of gym leggings (ideally, several pairs of workout leggings). 

From fleece-lined leggings, to thigh highs and even leather leggings, there’s a whole lot of options out there for the aspiring gym-rad. Here’s a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re looking for the best workout leggings or gym crop tops. Everything else aside, versatility is definitely the most important factor to consider before shelling 50+ dollars on a pair of gym leggings: they’ve got to be cozy enough for all your at-home workouts but flattering enough for jog around the block. But whatever your go-to form of exercise — HIIT on your balcony, spin class in front of the T.V in your living-room — that perfect pair of workout leggings has got to strike that coveted balance between “athletic” and “leisure”. The rest is secondary.

TAHIRA By KB gym leggings for workouts

  1. A Good Sports Bra Will Do You Right 

Ah, the humble sports bra. Let’s get this straight: you don’t have to be a sports fiend or a gym bunny to need a sports bra. Seriously. Sports bras are wonderfully varied, perfect for whatever you’re up (or down) to. 

A reliable, solid sports bra will keep you comfortable and well-supported during a workout, but different sorts of athletes have different needs and need different kinds of support. A yogi might not need the same thing as a weight-lifter. Low impact, high impact, petite or voluptuous, there’s a sports bra out there for you. 

Revamp Your Gym Wardrobe With Tahira By KB

Newsflash: you don’t have to sacrifice style in the name comfort. Look and feel good- you can do both. We’ll help you put together an effortless, perfectly coordinated workout look (whether you’re actually working out or just going on a coffee run) that’s sure to wow.