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Should You Wear Underwear With Scrunch Bum Leggings?

Do You Wear Undies with Scrunch Bum Leggings?

When wearing scrunch-bum exercise leggings, should you wear underwear, or should you opt to go commando? There is a never-ending debate about whether or not you should wear underwear beneath your workout leggings, and scrunch bum gym leggings are not an exception to this rule. Should I put it on the base layer or leave it off?


A lot of individuals say that wearing underwear underneath your workout leggings can help prevent yeast infections, so it seems like it would be a good idea to put on your underwear before putting on your workout clothes. Having said that, many other people argue that chafing and friction can create soreness in places where we could really do without it and that going commando is a much better decision than wearing anything at all.

However, the freedom of not wearing underwear may result in less sweating overall, so we need to go back to the drawing board to determine which choice is the best. Wearing underwear provides an additional layer of protection to absorb the sweat produced by the warmer regions of your body.

You Choose

The simple response is that the choice is yours to make. When it comes to what you wear (or don't wear) beneath your scrunch bum leggings, the answer ultimately comes down to a matter of personal preference. According to research, there is no reality to the claim that there is an increased risk of yeast infection, as we would typically change out of our sweaty workout clothing immediately regardless of whether or not we are wearing panties. Some people despise the chaffing and rubbing, while others are perpetually anxious about the VPL (visible panty line), and yet others simply favor the additional comfort, support, and moisture absorption that these products provide.

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The Right Kind

If you are going to wear underwear underneath your scrunch bum leggings, the most vital choice you can make is to verify that you are donning the appropriate undergarments. Although your lacy thong with the attached ruffles may look and feel wonderful in the bedroom, and your cotton granny trousers may be your usual go-to things, if you want to get the most out of your workout, neither of these options is the best one. Underwear that is designed to absorb perspiration is your best bet in this situation. These can be thongs, knickers, or shorts; they come in a variety of styles and colors, just like the rest of the gym clothing, and they guarantee that you won't have that horrifying VPL, but more importantly, that it won't rub and create agony over your delicate bits.

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Be Happy

It is safe to say that regardless of whether you go commando, full panty, or small thong, none of these options is incorrect, so you may relax and enjoy your freedom of choice. Scrunch bum leggings, along with other types of exercise leggings, are completely secure and acceptable to wear with or without underwear. Knowing that you are making the best choice possible for yourself is the single most crucial aspect of any decision you make. The very best outcomes can be achieved while you are enjoying your training.